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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 6, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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not even sure i believe that. the dow is up. what does that mean? i don't know what anything means. we will know tonight with will positives closing at 6:00 eastern and we will be here. here is neil cavuto. >>neil: thank you. the voting storm now after the storm. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. they made it through power failures and through flooding and one evacuation after another, and now they are voting in tents and frigid temperatures, and he have generators that are going out if they are lucky do have a generator, and voting machines that are malfunctioning, and making paper ballots the only option in a lost the areas, a similar thing going on in the garden state, as they weather this election storm to douglas kennedy keeping track of all of this in new york city.
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douglas? >> it has been over a week since hurricane sandy battered the shores but the state is still feeling the effect on election day. in fact, election officials say over 800 polling places were damaged other are still without power and they have instituted emergency measures to allow residents to vote. new jersey governor chris christie, for instance, says anyone who is affected by the storm can vote at any polling place in the state. he says he is ordered to oversee ballots distributed to all polling places that are open. in addition the governor has allowed voting by text message and e-mail. resident whose want to cast their vote electronically have been asked to contact the local town clerk if details and we are just getting word that christie has extended the deadline for electronic voting to friday so a lot of people are going to be able to vote a long time after today is over but some state
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residents are simply braving the elements in a show of election day patriotism. >> i will vote and go back to my daughters in new york state and probably stay there for the next few months. >> i would love electricity but we have to vote and do what is right for 9 country. >> we also have a lot of problems here in new york which was affected by the storm, long polling lines, polling places have been changed, the mayor blasting the state election board calling it a third world country, a hundred thousand people out of power in westchester and in new jersey, 500,000 people still out of power but a lost them still want to vote. back to you. >>neil: thank you, now in the middle of all of this you have another nor'easter targeting the very same spots with residents in new jersey and new york told to get out. the new york city mayor asking
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residents of low lying areas to evacuate ahead of the storms and janice dean in the fox weather center on the latest. janice? can you hear us? janice? okay, we do not have anyone, i will pick up on that but we will go over to how the weather will translate to what going on in the polls this is a tomorrow development, most of the country enjoying very good weather, parts of wisconsin, florida, not so much, but, generally, the rule of thumb on this is, if the weather is good, advantage democrats. they are more inclined to go to the polls and less so when the weather is bad. that is the old saying. do you buy that? >>guest: i do, the voter intensity is on romney's side. so, more of the romney supporters are willing to stand in line in bad weather, wisconsin and florida obviously battleground states, so, having
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good weather across the country is an advantage for obama but having some rain in wisconsin and florida could help romney. they used to rain in florida but that is it. the enthusiasm is on the g.o.p. side. >>neil: you talk about usually voting and versus later voting with better than 30 million americans having already voted and that changes the cram ma. significantly so? do you want to break it down? >>guest: the obama campaign is nervous about the youth vote and excited about president obama in 2008 and less so four years later so they were urging students to vote early before election day and that was their big push because they were worried about apathy among the youth. could it make a difference? yes, we have seen obama campaign advisor say, wait, if exit polls come out they could be good news
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for republicans but we have a lost votes banked early. do not panic. >>neil: there is talk with the polls and the various surveys and various states they underrepresent written support and you heard it a million times and we have talked about it, but is that a legitimate issue? in other words, you talk to obama folk as lot of whom will say, they want to be beyond the margin of error, so, in ohio they hope for better than 100,000 vote victory to remove any possible issue of recount but they want to be beyond the so-called adjustment margin of error. what tour make of that? >>guest: the polls are mostly accurate but there will be some that are a little bit off. before the 2000 election, the conventional wisdom was al gore would win the electoral college but lose the popular vote but it flipped. people are saying romney would win the popular vote and not the electoral college but it could
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flip. >>neil: throughout the campaign you have been marvelous and a huge help and i expect that will continue. thank you again. >>guest: thank you. >>neil: and now a look at wall and broad, 133.25 advance on the dow. there are a couple of ways to interpret there and i will give you the romney rally take, a a lot of stocks that were subjects such as energy, and financials like travelers and j.p. morgan and the basic industrial stocks like g.e. and ups, and united technologies, now, there is a flip side to all of this, today, and it could be an obama rally. for those that think in this republican time that makes sense with the election day four years ago the dow surged 308 points on obama victory before it was known that the polls were
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preguessing that, largely, that variable would be decided. markets as shepard was getting to earlier, will hate uncertainty. the certainty that we will have an outconfirm tomorrow, that will help the bying. but volume was very light association do not read to were into either swing. charlie rose: will you endorse president obama? colin powell: yes. when he took over we were in one of the... worst recessions we had seen in recent times... close to a depression. and i saw, over the next several years, stabilization... come back in the financial community. housing is starting to pick up. the president saved the auto industry. and the actions he's taken with respect to... protecting us from terrorism have been very, very solid. and so, i think we ought to keep on the track that we are on. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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>>neil: i don't want to give you the wrong idea but the first
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>> thanks for having me, neil, i agree with you, they covered it up, the mural. >>neil: was this a high school? where was this polling place? >> this was franklin school and the polling is done inside the cafeteria of the school and i first walked in that is what i
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the giant 15' president obama, you know. >>neil: that would be disarming. i wonder why a school would be, of any sort, have a portrait of a president. but, that is neither here or there but what i am curious, when they covered up the way they did it is not as if they did not know who was covered up, do you think, were people other than you commenting on that? >>guest: my responsibility was just to be a watcher and make sure that everything was running smoothly and i did not have a chance to talk to the voters because that would be outline but the other poll person commented that, yes, it was distracting and something that with be inappropriate if any polling place. >>neil: thank you, sir. i can see maybe george
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washington or abraham lincoln or jefferson but ... okay less than three hours to go before the first poll in virginia with some votes waiting up to five hours with 13 electoral votes found grabs and my guest says that could be the first real indication of momentum. it is a state, obviously, that mitt romney has to win putting it back in the republican column. if it doesn't it could a long night. >>guest: happy election day. virginia is one that obama could do without and still win but governor romney really does need virginia if it is tight, it it will be a point or so, and whoever wins it, look, we close our polls here at 7:00. the virginia numbers will start coming in quickly thereafter. i know the state and how it reports but i would say, also, unless there 10 big margin for
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one side or the other this state could not possibly be declared before 10:00 or 11:00 or 11:30 of the it is not possible. it is 8 million population state and we will have a turn out of, i think, four million voters it will be a record number if not a record percentage. >>neil: so, say it takes longer than expected to get results out of virginia, a state that had mitt romney leading would that just waiting if confirmation of that, by whatever margin, would that be worrisome? for romney? >>guest: not really. it is close. virginia, four years ago, was the closest state of the 50 to the national average for obama and john mccain. in a way, virginia is kind of a microcosm of the nation. if this is going to be a close vote, that is, if almost all the polls from gallup and rasmussen to the "the washington post," and abc and fox and the rest if
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the polls are right they have to think tight or plus one for one or the other so you expect virginia to rein equity that close margin. >>neil: in ohio the first numbers we get reported from ohio are those who voted early, right? so that could give maybe not entirely realistic view of what will ultimate get out of he but do you think whoever wins there has to be significantly beyond the margin of provisional balloting recount? in other words, it is 100,000 voters? 200,000 voters? what would clear the way for lawyers to stand away? >>guest: well, nothing clears the way for lawyers. >>neil: that is true. >>guest: if there is one single machine that malfunctioning you can be sure that it will be surrounded by 60 players and wrestled to the ground. but i have my own inhouse ohio expert and he knows ohio
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politics very well. he tolls me that maybe 100,000 votes would be a comfortable margin for one candidate and he also suggests that because of the way ohio tends to report their votes, the early vote will probably favor obama and it will yield to a favoring of romney and then it could shift back to obama with the later votes and i thought it was an interesting way to present it, so it will be a roller coaster, the way the campaign has been. >>neil: i think everyone is wrong. you are getting that chunky monkey. >>guest: we have a lot of ice cream riding on this. >>neil: i know, professor. thank you very much. international election monitors are deployed across our country today but iowa's election chief warned these guys, you better not show up here.
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did they listen? we will ask the governor coming up. [ forsythe ] we don't just come up here for the view up in alaska.
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>>neil: iowa is warning international monitors to stay away from their election headquarters, as they try to make sure americans are able to do their duty. the governor is having none of it. have they tried to come into your state? >>guest: we welcome people to come in and see the elections but we have a law that says only
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voters we, election judges and poll watchers can be in polling places so people need to understand that. iowa people are friendly but we do not want anyone to interfere with a right to cast ballots. >>neil: you have no idea if they are just looking, right? it could be a french guy, well, make the beret would give him away but they could still be standing outside looking to see if people are turned away or anything like that, right? >>guest: sure. anyone that wants to can witness the election process. they just cannot go to the polling place, and interfere with the process. >>neil: what do youmation of them trying to do this not only in your state but in a lot of other states. this is the first time we have seen so many of them coming in here to judge what we are doing. >>guest: well, first of all, we are proud to be americans. america has a great tradition of
4:22 pm
clean, honest, open elections. they can learn a lot from us and what we do. i don't feel threatened by them. i hope they learn from us. we certainly do not want to follow their example. the youngs are in dire straits because they have spent and borrowed themselves into oblivion. that is the trouble happening in this country. we cannot continue to borrow $1 trillion each year, spend 40 cents of every federal dollar, we do not want do be like europe, we are proud of member, we want to be the land of brave and the home of the free. we want economic freedom as well as freedom for our citizens to make their own decision. >>neil: governor, the europeans coming in to judge us, that is like me walking into a wendy's and saying, put down that double burger. but i digress. the six electoral votes of yours, you would think it was
4:23 pm
60, the way the candidates have been stomping through your state. the president got tears in his eyes last night. why and how is iowa so crucial? >>guest: well, first of all, iowa believed obama when he promised hope and change but they have been deeply disappointed and feel betrayed the budget has not reduced the deficit and not brought the country together and pent the time blaming and attacking other people, they are looking for a new leadership and with mitt romney, iowa have come from not liking his policies to, really, seeing hope for a new direction in mitt romney someone that has experience in the private sector, that can reduce fell spending and reduce the deficit and grow private sector jobs, revitalize the american dream. that is what we want. i believe the enthuse a is on the republican side. i believe that romney will carry iowa. >>neil: we will watch closely tonight. it has been a pleasure,
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governor. >>guest: thank you. >> business leaders fear continuing gridlock in washington ahead of the great fiscal cliff that nothing is do no matter who selected, democrat and congressman from the fine state of south carolina, good do have you, sir. that is what they fear. they fear if the president is re-elected or mitt romney becomes president elect, that the problems remains intractable. what do you say? >>guest: well, sure, the problems remain. the fact of the matter is we are going to have a lame duck session. i think that lame duck session will yield some kind of a temporary fix in order to give us the time we need to do things of a more permanent nature. >>neil: what would a temporary adjustment be? six months? a year? >>guest: up to around a year. i think what that temporary will
4:25 pm
be, i think it will be sort of decided upon by the congress based upon the results of the election tonight and maybe tomorrow, as well. but the results of this election we i think will dictate what kind of a one-year fix will do. i don't know of anyone who believes that we don't need to overhaul our tax code. people know that. both candidates thing we need to do that. can you not do that in a lame duck session. you need time, you need hearings and the committees need to do their work and that take as lot of time. we cannot wait on the committee to do all that work without something being done to avoid the cliff. we will avoid the cliff and i think whatever form that takes, it will be based upon tonight's results. >>neil: you could be right. we talking about the
4:26 pm
sequestration cuts that go into affect at the end of the year and all the bush tax rates that expire at the end of the year. you would like to extend them for another year and fix the tax code. >>guest: that is not what i said. what i said is, tonight's results will determine what the one year fix will be. the tax cuts will expire as of the 31st december. if president obama wins, as i expect him to, i believe the one year fix will not include --. >>neil: i see, i see, i see. that's a cliff. the republicans will not budge on this. >>guest: i am not too sure. the fact is i would hope the republicans will put the country in front of their politics. >>neil: you would do the same if it is president elect romney tomorrow? >>guest: you are right. that is what i have been saying.
4:27 pm
yes. >>neil: always a pleasure, congressman. don imus has been looking at the race chosely and he has some harsh words for both, he likes mitt romney but does not think it will be the end the world if president obama is re-elected and i will before him, his take on what could be a messy election night. nobody said an all-in-one had to be bulky. or that you had to print from your desk. at least, nobody said it to us. introducing the business smart inkjet all-in-one series from brother. easy to use, it's the ultimate combination of speed, small size, and low-cost printing.
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>>neil: it is election and we have a host of problems. a machine malfunction reported in wisconsin that could prompt a recall of a number of votes. there was an incident in philadelphia early today where a number of black panthers were in front of polling sites the same thing that happened four years ago in income. -- four years ago in new jersey and now they are stretching the vote for voting to friday. new jersey is usually blue, but they will not have official results until friday so you may not be able to officially report as official as "official" the electoral votes from that state until friday which could make it a mess and now to my friend don imus on what he makes of all of this. we are not through counting and voting and we have problems. what do you think? >>imus: i voted on the upper west side of manhattan where i live over on west 65th street
4:32 pm
and my wife and i are the only two people in a 20-block radius who voted for romney so, you had to stand in line outside for 20 minutes and i decided rather than freezing to death, but is fine, i am inside, and my son wyatt who is 14 is with us. and a woman says, he looks smaller in person, and then she said, she says, is he on tv in is he still on tv? and he said yes, so he didn't mention the radio. and she said, really? and yes, on fox, and she says "that's why." >>neil: that is not a strong demographic base. was it crowded? are there a lot of people there? >> but they changed the method of voting and now use the paper ballot that you filled in like
4:33 pm
an s.a.t. test not that i actually took one of those tests and you feed it to a machine so necessity have added a step to the voting process but it seemed fairly orderly and they did a nice job and, romney got two votes on the west side of manhattan. >>neil: probably two more than he would have gotten otherwise. so, the issue is, what we have been asking people, was there confusion because cuomo after the storm said anywhere in new york, you can vote. fur dislocated bit storm, you live brooklyn can you vote in manhattan and that is supposed to cause a problem at the polling places but you saw no evidence of that. >>imus: no. what difference does it make with either new york or new jersey, they are both going to go to obama so you do want everyone to have an opportunity to vote, obviously, and i thought that was good what governor cuomo did and i hope
4:34 pm
they make acomizations for the poor souls in new jersey. >>neil: what they are trying to do is looking at letting them note through friday which means that state will not be able to officially announce results until then. do you think is a squeaker? you have had a lot of guests who give it either way, a romney win and an obama win they all seem to be saying, it will be tight, tight, tight. do you get a sense that they could be off substantially? >>imus: i don't know. we were talking, by the way, did you see where governor christie, and bruce springsteen hugged him and governor christie started crying? i like bruce springsteen but come on. >>neil: we are lovers here. >>imus: here is the thing. i am a big fan of dick morris and he is the only, we talked about it this morning, and he is predicting a landslide, you
4:35 pm
know, and we determined that to various reasons that i will not soil your program, that dick is incorrect. to answer your question, i want romney to win but i am not one those who hate the president and i don't thing he did a very good job i cannot believe, i am not trying to get people to vote, they can vote how necessity want to vote but i cannot believe, even people who voted for him, that they will get up tomorrow morning and think, i feel great, now, let's go get him, another four years of this, to answer your question, i have no idea. sometimes i think romney will win, like dick morris by two or three points and other times i think we could be up to, who knows? >>imus: do you worry it could be another 2000? or that it is so tight and we do
4:36 pm
not know and it drags on and the uncertainty handicaps whoever the winner will be and we have four more years of very divisive government, four more years of great shows for you, what do you say? >>imus: what i want to happen. i want virginia to go to obama so that it is over by 7:15 so it ruins all of the network, all of the preparations that everyone has made. >>neil: i wondered if it was a good idea to have you on. and i can now we conclude it was not. >>imus: what did you think was going do happen by having me on? >>neil: i thought we would bond. >>imus: did you think you were falling to brit hume? >>neil: never crossed my mind. >>imus: donald, . >>neil: thank you very much,
4:37 pm
donald. must you do not mean that, thank you very were. >>neil: net turn out in indiana is said to be higher than expected. more on that next. begin.
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>>neil: this is the scene in new hampshire, and it has played out across the country in florida, ohio, wisconsin, new york, and it suggests we have heavy turn out today and sometimes it does not prove that way when you get the final numbers but we show you what we have and these are very long lines in new hampshire. very quickly it became a battleground state, a lot of them, about 11 of them up for grabs representing 14 electoral
4:41 pm
votes and bobby jindal is doing his best to make sure a good many of those votes go the way of mitt romney and he joins us now. how does it look? >> great for governor romney we will make set a record in louisiana but we are voting for governor romney. the president made and broke a sires of promises to the membership. promises to cut the deficit. didn't do it. promised to turns an the economy. he didn't. he has a campaign slogan, the moment vacuous in a generation, forward, but forward to what? if you go 80 miles per hour to a brick forward would you vote to go forward? that is what he is asking the membership to do. forward to more debt? spending? for government borrowing in to fewer americans working? he is better at getting the job than doing the job. he had a chance. he did not lay out a vision or the maps for the seconds term, three debates with governor romney and he did not spend the time talking about the next four years and you cannot ask the
4:42 pm
american people are you better off than four years ago? this is a very good day and night for governor romney and the country. he will do well not only in the traditional swing states like ohio, virginia, and florida but very well in colorado, new hampshire and the other states and it will be a goodnight for the country. >>neil: do you feel, governor, if he were to lose ohio that the math is a problem? in other words, the polls tight in all of states including in ohio but mitt romney has never led in any of the polls, they have all been tight, but he never led. that doesn't mean anything as you remind me, but if he doesn't win ohio, obviously, he has to put together wins in other states and he could still do that but, would it be hard for him to pull this out then? first, there are multiple paths to victory probably involving colorado, mississippi, new hampshire, maybe iowa and other combinations. i actually was if ohio with him on friday and in new hampshire
4:43 pm
on saturday, and wisconsin, and also seen the other swing states the enthusiasm is incredible. the crowds are coming out and the voters and the lines today and my sense is voters are eager to vote, they are eager, they is said we are not better off than four years ago and the president said he could not get the economy turned around in three years it would be a one-term proposition and the american voters wanted that promise, he had a chance to talk about the entitlement programs and he never offered a plan to reduce those or save those or a plan to reduce the deficit, and never offer add budget that balanced over the next four years or eight years or 10 years and the american people have seen enough fancy speeches and enough teleprompters and they sent out joe biden today, the best they can do for governor romney, the reality is the american people are colleaguer for a change. the president has done his best. it is not good enough. >>neil: i read that both sides are worried to send owe -- out
4:44 pm
joe biden they are trying to nail down the base, right? and maybe they worried? >>guest: well, look, this is a very close election. you said that. you right. every poll has shown that the momentum is with governor romney, emily with -- especially with the debate but i don't think anyone wants to wake up thinking they should have done one more thing. but the momentum is with the governor and after the debate they saw a governor who is successful in the private sector and successful as a governor and solves with the olympics. >>neil: i will put you as a "no" on obama. forget election day, half of the voting in florida is done. done. done. before the polls open. and now, who may have the three after this.
4:45 pm
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4:48 pm
>>neil: millions of voters are casting ballots early in florida and now who is showing up and what candidate is look up with the voters? that is a state where usually vote egg is higher compared to other state? >>reporter: absolutely. a ton of early voting. people were waiting in line five to six hours and could not get in the booth and they could not vote and they did absentee in person ballots which does not make, that is like fat free lard. no one will challenge that later. anyway, the problem, the reason why the long lines are 11 amendments, which stretched over
4:49 pm
12 pages. one man could not get through the first one. listen. >> i did not vote. i don't see how anyone will understand that even an attorney. there is no way to understand it. >>reporter: voters are trying to wade through the amendments on wait to vote for president and as you said, 38 percent voted early, they have 12 million people that are registered to vote here, the biggest of the swing electoral states you get 29 electoral votes and winner takes all, so we will watch every vote but people are frustrated. >>neil: we talked about this and will tonight on fox business network, but this is a crucial must win state for mitt romney so, if it is proving close, or they can not get results that could be telling. >>reporter: no republican has become president without caring florida since coolidge so it is one of the places you just have to win and right now it is
4:50 pm
anyone's game. >>neil: we will watch closely and look forward to joining us on the coverage on fox business network. thank you. one possible outcome tonight, a candidate wins the popular vote and the other the electoral votes and it has happened four times in this country. it last happens 12 years ago. the former democratic governor of new mexico and former presidential candidate. what do you think is the likelihood of that happening? >> i don't believe it is going to happen. i think the president will win the popular vote very narrowly and the electoral vote, my thought is it will get up to 290. you need two 70. i think the keys are going to be as i have said before, the his -- hispanic states, nevada,
4:51 pm
colorado, florida, i request not be sure. but the hispanic community population in northern virginia, i talked to a friend a couple of hours ago, a huge turn out in northern virginia which is the more progressive part of virginia, fairfax, arlington, virginia, that is a good sign for president obama and if virginia goes early it will be tough for governor romney to catch up. >>neil: when i look at the latino polls that are out, governor, i am confused. nationally the president enjoys strong support with latinos at or where it was in 2008 but in some states like florida, nevada, for example, it is actually down. so, in those states that will be crucial to him piling up the electoral map it may not be there. do you not buy that? >> in never, he will get a very
4:52 pm
strong hispanic vote. the population there keeps growing. in florida you may be right, there is still a sizable cuban american block that most likely goes republican but i know the obama team and i was down there about a week ago, they have been working the non-cuban american vote there, which keeps increasing, central america and puerto rican. >>neil: i don't mean to interrupt you but to that point we are showing lines wrapping around the block if miami and you are schooled in all things political, what do you make of long lines on election day. each side tries to say they are jazzed, engaged, and republicans like to say their folks are more into it than the president's folks what do you read into the lines? >>guest: well, i think this is the -- the american people are really stepping up. we will go beyond the usual 50 percent eligible voter town out,
4:53 pm
it will be close to 60 percent. this has been a very expense competitive election with a lot at state, the economy, foreign policy, so you are seeing real good citizenship come out. i don't think it is a reflection of romney or obama. i think this is voters wanting to make a difference and turning out in higher numbers especially young people. senior citizens. military people. you seeing am big, big voter town out and i think that's good. >>neil: governor, always a pleasure. thank you. a rally for whom? wall street legend with what he makes of a dow that printed ahead today. ♪ [ birds chirping ] are you sure you can fit in there? [ chuckles ] ♪ ♪
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life opens up when you do. ♪ ♪ >> neil: all right. you're looking at miami and new hampshire. poll lines across the country, very busy. this is typical of what we
4:57 pm
have been hearing. that doesn't necessarily translate to heavy counts, but as you heard from governor richardson and others, we could be seeing record voter turn-out in terms of percentages. some think 60% of eligible voters. who knows. but the lines are what they are. this is what it is. 133-point surge in the dow today. joe grano, what do you make of that? what do you think of that? >> guest: i think people are hoping for closure. >> neil: want it behind them. >> guest: the rhetoric on tv goes away. i think it's -- >> neil: assuming it's resolved tonight or tomorrow morning. >> guest: the worst thing that could happen is we end up with six floridas and contentiousness. >> neil: you want to get beyond the margin of error. >> guest: right. >> neil: let me ask you, though, about, here is the argument for romney rally. among the sectors that benefited, joe -- energy, financial, industrial -- those considered romney plays, less so solar, clean energy plays, it would seem to favor the president. they didn't do as well today.
4:58 pm
what are we to make of that? one day. that's all. >> guest: just conjecture. depending on who wins it will have an influence in those sectors. a lot of hopeful people out there, hoping that romney comes in and gets a better environment for business. >> neil: well, you know the romney folks as we look at the crowds, joe, they say those are their crowd? their passionate crowd. their people jazzed to come out and vote, not president's folks. what do you make of that? >> guest: i think that is the hidden treasure in a way. you may have such an ideological split in this country that you are going to get a voter ton-out the likes of which we have never had. if it happens it does favor romney. if it doesn't happen it favors the president. >> neil: do you think the polls aren't studying that enough? in other words, the uncounted, undercounted republican participation? i never know what to think of them. >> guest: again, people in this country, at least the ones i speak to think we are at a crossroads as the
4:59 pm
direction of the country and what it should be. i think it's taking on a whole new level of importance. it is going to transition from this election to congress, which has been totally inept. kicking the can down the road is not acceptable for the american people. we need closure one way or another. whoever wins. >> neil: we shall see. we shall see. also coming in the newsroom, the extensions they are granting in new jersey for voting for e-voting because of those affected by the storm, dislocated by the storm. governor christie wants to extend that through friday. many pointing out he cannot do that. that is required the federal authority to do so. not the governor. so there might be debate about that. a lot of you e-mail me about that. a lot to coverage. fock business coverage kicks off with stuart varney and then lou dobbs at 6:00 p.m. and i round up impressive trio


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